Happy weekend to you guys from this side of the planet LOL.

So yeah, today i’d be describing to you ways you can straighten your natural afro textured hair without of course using heat; either a blow dryer or a straightener.

So, you want to style your hair in a particular way or check your hair length check but shrinkage won’t let you shine.

Below are effective techniques you can employ and these methods have worked for me and still works for me.

  1. Moisturize your hair with a moisturizer (aloe vera juice is a great moisturizer) then separate it into at least four sections (more sections are likely to give you more stretch) then twist your hair. Let your hair set overnight (the longer the twist stay the more stretched your hair will be). Unravel the twists and viola you have a stretched hair that  saved you from heat damage and split ends.


2. This method is called African threading; this is my favorite hair stretching method. I use either the local thread (rubber) or wool. Moisturize your hair with a moisturizer then split it into about eight sections then flip the rubber or wool round your hair till you reach the tip of your hair. Unravel the rubber or wool in the morning and you have a stretched hair.


3. This method is also really effective and its for those who can make their hair themselves. All that you require is a whipped shea butter mix. Apply the whipped shea butter mix all over your hair then braid your hair to form a crown just like this.


4. Using flexi rods or bending rollers is another great way to stretch your hair without using heat. Moisturize your hair then separate into about twelve sections (depending on your hair volume). Wrap your hair round the flexi rods and allow it set overnight. Undo the flexi rods in the morning, style and slay.


The benefits of straightening your hair without heat cannot be overemphasized. One thing that applying direct/ indirect heat does to your hair is that it can cause heat damage to your hair. You’d have a really damaged hair over time (I’m talking from experience), you’d have so much split ends that no regimen or product can revive except that you cut off those badly damaged strands.

You really don’t want to be in that position guys you don’t! Seize using heat on your hair, asides from the damaging effect it has, you would see little or no growth at all in your hair. Its not too late to do things right.

Have an amazing weekend!!!! See you next time.




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